social strategy


social media strategy

Once we have your branding clear, or if you've already done that yourself, we can start working on your social media strategy. We'll determine which social channels make the most sense for you and then I will provide you with a detailed document that guides you through each channel, what to post, how often, how to engage with your audience, tracking analytics and more so that you know exactly what you need to do online to reach your business goals!




STEP 1 - We start with a free 30 minute consultation by phone where we can get to know each other. I can understand more about you, your business and your needs, and you can learn more about me, how I work and how I can help you. 

STEP 2 - If we think we can be a good fit, I will send you an estimate and more details about the project and then we can make any necessary adjustments or changes to the scope and project details.

STEP 3 - Once you've accepted the project, signed the contract and the retainer is taken care of, we can start working on your project!

STEP 4 - We can do up to 3 revisions and once you're totally thrilled with your strategy, I'll send you an invoice for the remainder of the balance and then send you your final files!

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